Music and why it’s important!

I think music is important in life because it gives another way for people to express their feelings and to learn. To show passion and romance, horror, and comedy. Music has been in everyones lives since they were born. For some people it’s life. For others they hate it. But to me music is more then lyrics being sung, being read or even being listened to it’s life to me. If you think other wise tell me why?


3 responses to “Music and why it’s important!

  1. To me music is a way to express your feelings and your thoughts,
    I personally love music but sometimes I just dont want to listen to it because when you listen to a certain song even though it may be your favourite song in the world it makes you think of something else, maybe it was your boyfriend dumping you or maybe it was your grandpa dieing but because of the lyrics in songs it always makes you think of something else good or bad.
    But that is a reason why people like music, when you really think about it music is really deep and it is actually kind of nice to have that deeper side to something so amazing.

  2. I really like that you posted this, music plays a huge part in my life, wether I am happy, sad, angry or just plain board, music is a form of escape that I enjoy no matter what. If you look around a lot of people feel the same way, music draws you, we all have our different likes and dislikes but music is a really big part of everyday life!

  3. MUSIC IS GOD !! End of story, love the post

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