Music, All time low, and others?

A lot of people may listen to a bunch of types of music like screamo, metal, classic, country, rock, R&B, punk, emo, and so on. Im not going to single out any band because I like alot of them, but the band I mainly listen to is All time Low. Their music is pop punk, some people may not like them, but I do. The band started in 2003 Alex Gaskarth lead singer Jack Barakat guitarist, Zack Merrick Bassit, and Rian Dawson the drummer, well thats the band names. Some people don’t listen to music, and say its annoying, but I think that teens or kids maybe do need music because it could help them concentrate. Some genres of music isn’t appropriate for certain people, that shouldn’t be listening to it, because it can distract them from there work even though you can get distracted either way, I think music is very important in everyones life some how.


One response to “Music, All time low, and others?

  1. I think i could’ve done better, because I didn’t explain it enough.

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