Jim Gaffigan

http://www.comedycouch.com” alt=”Its Jim Gaffigan!!!!!” />
My brother showed me this comedian the other day and there was this one video of hot pockets. I thought it was the Funniest thing I had ever seen. We showed my whole family and they loved it. I would like to know what your favorite comedian is and why.


2 responses to “Jim Gaffigan

  1. My favortie comedian is probably either russel peters even though i only saw that “somebodys gonna get a hurt a real bad” one and also probably jeff dunham because he is really talented and his penut things mad funny.So far of what I seen his “spark of insanity” is the best.

  2. I checked out Jim Gaffigan. He’s pretty funny at some things and what exactly is “Hot Pockets”?

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