Harry potter vs Twlight

The movies Harry potter and twilight are in an epic battle to see which movie is the best . Harry potter started out as a great movie where everyone loved it. Then came Twilight the books I have never seen so many people reading the same series. It was stunning. My cousin is a huge Harry Potter fan if you ask her anything about Harry Potter she will know it. She HATES twilight because she thinks it is about an obsessive teen and is getting herself in a bad place where she doesn’t need to be, but i think the movie is a great romance and I LOVE IT! I also love Harry Potter. Harry Potter is a great series of books and movies it is a wonderful movie about magic and it does have some romance in it. I think there are a lot more people that like twilight but I think the Harry Potter fans are more obsessive. You should see all the things that they have for Harry Potter clothes, books, the candy they have, wands, even the glasses Harry has. Which one do you like better? Which one do you think people like more?

By Sarahxoxo123


3 responses to “Harry potter vs Twlight

  1. I like harry potter a lot more and I don’t even reallly like hary potter but twilight is just so pointless and stupid and stuff like its a huge fuss over a vegetarian vampire?

  2. I have to say Harry Potter, because I like the fantasy of the book(s), and it also talks about Harry’s personal life a bit. And I’m just like your cousin Sarah, I know everything about the Harry Potter series.

  3. I prefer twilight, I’ve read all the books about six times and know anything there is to know about it. I’d be hypocritical if I said that the harry potter books were bad considering I haven’t even read the first one, it just doesn’t hold my interest. I have seen all of the harry potter movies though and love them. Some people are a “bit” obsessive of twilight, I’m not that bad I have a couple games and a few dozen posters but that’s it.

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