Which Player is better Ronaldinho or Ronaldo?




Which player is better Ronaldinho or Ronaldo? I like Ronaldinho more than Ronaldo. Here is a website on the soccer players and compare it to Ronaldinho’s score and Ronaldo scores http://footballplayersites.blogspot.com/2009/05/ronaldinho.html and Ronaldo is on Real Madrid and Ronadinho is on AC Milan. If you don’t belive that then go to soccernet.com http://soccernet.espn.go.com/?cc=5901 and then compare that to their scores. But Ronaldo’s overall is a 92 and Ronaldinho’s is a 90, and Ronaldo freaks out if he misses on a net when Real Madrid VS Liverpool, and Ronaldinho doesn’t freak out often. Ronaldinho is better than Ronaldo at dribbling ,shooting, taking free kicks and penalties, curves. And that is why Ronaldinho is better than ronaldo but Touseef still thinks that ronaldo is better.


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