The Newer iMac Computer (black)

iMac Every time that we go down to the computer lab everyone runs in the hall just to get to the computer. One person in particular pushes students, grade 7’s and unnamed personf, out-of-the-way just to get to it sometimes he yells “GET OUT OF MY WAY” just so he has more speed to get there. Many times he never gets caught by the teachers but today( October 23 2009 ) he got in trouble from Mrs. Frier and I believe he got sent to the back. So I suggest that Mr. Whattam brings the newer iMac to his place in the lab, by the projector so that there is no pushing and shoving.


2 responses to “The Newer iMac Computer (black)

  1. I belive that and instead of moving the mac why dont you leave that where it is and change that teacher comuter to the mac computer. And by the wat its me Harveer.

    Edit before submitting the next post or reply. Mr. W

  2. i think that who ever is running should just calm down like omg it’s a computer they all do the same thing. It’s not like your mom says to you “you have to get the best computer in the lab today” because that would be very obsessive o a different color computer

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