Unicorns ? ;DD

Unicorns? myth or fact ,
some research proves so and some say fiction..To be i say myth like I don’t think that a horse can be born with a shiny ,pointy and dazling horn on its head.
A unicorn is a greek mythology the people once believed a unicorn would silently run through the forest & was a savage animal.There once was a belief, that the horn of a unicorn would be placed on an injury, it would heal the wound, there were these cups people would make and they would say it was unicorn horn, how ever no proof has been found that those cups were made from unicorn horn.
In 1577 Queen Elizabeth was presented with a narwhal
. During that period it was believed to be a unicorn’s horn, It is still considered as a royal treasure.
See these are the facts about how the unicorn may or may not be real. Even if there are wesites that say unicorn facts and yu read it there are still its negative points.



One response to “Unicorns ? ;DD

  1. Unicorns, in my opinion are not real. People have found a rare one of a kind deer with only one horn on the top of it’s head, some believe that that was what it was based on and i agree.

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