The Good Computer!

In the computer lab, there are very old blue and green computers, larger square white computers, a few thinner white computers with cameras, one very new computer which is black and has an amazing keyboard. When our class goes down to the computer lab, I often walk and so do others, who don’t really want to run to get a good computer. Some other people in the class though, when the teacher tells us hat we are going to the computer lab, they are out of there seats before the teacher even says to line up. To fix this problem, I think that the person who earns the computer or asks ahead of time should get the newer computers, and NOT the people who race down the halls.


2 responses to “The Good Computer!

  1. I think that the people who run to get a computer should have to a) go back and walk b) use an old computer and c) think why in the world am I so excited over a computer?

    I think people who alway pay attention in class and accually finish their homework should be the first to be chosen ( and yes I think that you should be chosen) and not have races for the computer! If I understand correctly then were going to have all new computers soon anyways so why does it even matter!?

  2. Yeah I agree because its just a computer anyways and pluse theres enough computers for everyone! So what if people want the good computer so badly. Im glad Mr.Whattam put the Good computer in his area.

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