Ice Skating Bear kills russian circus hand.

A bear on ice skates attacked two russian people who were rehearsing at A circus in Bishtek, the incident happened on Thursday, the 5 years old bear killed the circus administer, his name was Dmitry Potapov, and the bear also mauled one of the circus trainers, who was trying to rescue the administer. The incident happened when the russian A company called Troupe was performing an act called, Bears On Ice.

No one new what caused the bear to attack Potapov,the bear was nearly severing one of Potapov’s leg while the bear was dragging him across the ice by his neck. The medical people weren’t able to save him, Potapov died right at the moment. The 29 year old circus trainer Yevgeny Popov,who was trying to save Potapov, Patapov was injured really badly, that is what the doctors said.The injuries of the victim were serious they were Deep Scalp lacerations, bruising of the brain and lacerations on his body. After the incident, the circus was cordoned off by emergency service workers and police. Experts were told to come and examine the bear, the bear was shot and died right at the scene.THE END BY FAHIM.


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