Glee ;)

Glee is comes on only once a week which sucks. I like cant stop watching it i am obsessed. Glee club is about these kids who have a passion for singing and the teacher for “Glee club” Will Shuester and the the coach for the girls Sue Slyevester are always fighting Sue wants “Glee club” burned to the ground but Will just doesn’t like her. There are 5 main charters Rachel who has an amazing voice but she can be really bossy, Finn has a great voice to but he is the jockey guy who is ashamed of being in Glee, Qinn is the head cheer and is only in Glee because Sue set her up to watch Glee and Will the teacher of Glee and loves Glee club and would do anything for it. The one thing i love about Glee is that the kids in Glee get teased and teased about being in the club but they don’t care because they love Glee and all the kids in it . Have you ever been teased because you were in a club ?

By Sarah (:


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