Online Creepers!

What would you do if someone you didn’t know just  kept adding you on facebook and MSN? Would you ignore it, or would you do something about it? Well these just happen to be some of the questions some girls in the class of 87 have to ask themselves. A strange man who, when we first found out about him, went by  the email of When we deleted him from our contact list he had changed his e-mail several times. The last e-mail address he had was with a few number somwhere in there. I think that if we are going to help raise awareness of this on going occurance, then we may need to have group discotions at school, or make an outside group in which we discuss the email addresses recently used by these type of people, and help to get them captured or avoid crossing paths with these sick people.


5 responses to “Online Creepers!

  1. That’s really weird ! I think you told me about that before class one time

  2. Well, I agree with what your talking about because, he’s added me a few times with both emails, but I think the next time it happens I’m not gonna ignore it, 1. because something serious could happen. 2. they shouldn’t be adding random people like that. Good job Sarah 🙂

  3. Very well written, but are you sure “creeper” is the right word ? If yes, why ? I’m not sure, it does seem kind of harsh, you can never really know. Do you think something more should be done about this man? (assuming he is a man) Why or why not ?

  4. I think that no matter who it is, male of female. There should be something done. If people are deleating him or her and they just make another account to add the same person again I call that creepy. But I agree with Alanna, is ‘creeper’ the right word? In my mind this person is boarderline stalker. There is only so much you can do about this person but i would take the measures I could to stay safe, report the email, tell your parents, change your email. Make sure your not making your self a target.

  5. Yeah I agree with aaaalana because it is harsh. But why would people add uss if they don’t even know us?

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