Where the wild things are ;DD

nullWhat if the only friends you could have were wild things ?
Max didn’t have the life that he thought he would have. Sister doesn’t really help him when he needs it. One day Max didn’t feel like the life he was living was right so he usually dressed up like a “wild thing”. When he finished getting dressed he walked down stairs and he ran into his mom and her date, He didn’t want his mom to date anymore so he tried embarrassing her. His plan was to make the date leave but he was the one getting angry that he bit his mom ^o) and ran away….
You wouldn’t think if you ran away you would end up sailing in the middle of the ocean but for Max that was idle….
Wanna find out what happens when he finds the land of the wild things watch and find out (:
    Max and Carol are the man characters in this movie.
 The acting in the movie was really fantastic but at some moments it got pretty violent, I have reasons why you should go and why you shouldn’t. You should go because its fun to watch and it sends a great message but its also a bad movie because of  most parts of where it gets ruff.
       A movie review
by anna keats (:


One response to “Where the wild things are ;DD

  1. Cool review , we should go see this ! again (:

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