Talking It Over ;]

I wasnt sure if we had to do this but i did it just incase.                 What have you learned about being an immigrant trying to enter Canada at various times in our history?
Certain times of the world have more strict rules and have very different opinions. You have to have alot of different work and relatives and
experiences and stuff.
What did you find most interesting about Canada’s immigration laws?
That if you dont have work set out for you, you wont get accepted, in certain years if you are a different culture you are NOT ACCPETED, you have to be to their liking or else you are not accepted.
What feelings and thoughts do you have about being a Canadian?
Being a Canadian to me is a proud thing because of all the familys and friends that come together and we treat eachother equally as one, i like that 🙂
What ideas and feelings do you have for the future of Canada?
My ideas for the future are way different than what my feelings are and even though we have a loving community and people may not agree with me when I say this but I think that when we grow upo and get older and our kids have kids the world wont be safe anymore there is going to be too much killing, if we dont change our actions and the way things are then we arent even going to be safe enough to step outside.
 What do you think and feel about the way you have learned about our ancestors and our heritage?
The things people had to go through to get to our country is unbelievable and the way people were treated (especially women) is horrible. Just because they are a different culture our religion or gender or race doesnt mean that they are any different than us.


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