St Trinians

There’s a all girls boarding school but ! , there’s no rules so all girls and teachers are out of control . The teachers drink , smoke and play poker in the changing rooms , and the girls join ! Sounds fun right ? Until the bank manager came after a night of partying and told Ms Frittion ( Head mistress) That she has four weeks to pay back $50’000 to pay of a debt owed . So , The girls come up with a plan to steal a famous painting and get the cash 

The main character is Annabelle (Played by Taulah Riley) , Kelly Jones who  is head girl is played by Gemma Arteron . Taylor , Labeled as a chav is played by Kathryn Drysdale . Chelsea , Posh totty is played by Tamsin Egerton . Lastly , Ms Frittion , Head mistress is played by Rupert Everet ( In drag) 

I love the acting in this movie because you could really tell the actors got into their roles .There was lots of enthusiasm and you could really tell the actors liked what they were doing 


I recommend this movie because is was incredibly funny , and the acting was great. The plot was good to. Basically it was a comedy/feel good film . So you felt nice after watching it


One response to “St Trinians

  1. EW EW EW EW EW EW EW! I absolutley hate this movie, it was boring and pointless.

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