Shows Best or Worst

Out of all of the shows in the world the one that i hate the most in the world is Gossip Girl. Mr Whattam gives references to that show a lot. Like how his daughters love it, I am not sure but I think he dislikes it too my favorite show is Trailer park boys and The Simpsons. If you have a favorite show or a show u dislike a lot comment and tell me why you like/ dislike it. And Mr. Whattam, I would like to know what your favorite show is.


22 responses to “Shows Best or Worst

  1. I am huge fan of TSN and the history channel. I pvr “House” and “Pardon the Interruption”. As a true Canadian, Hockey Night in Canada on a Sat. night is a must.
    Learning and escapism are my two reasons for watching T.V.

    Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy are not my selections put are on my T.V (fatherhood has a price)

    Why do you watch T.V?
    I read that teenagers are spending more time on youtube than T.V. Why is youtube better than T.V? Or is it a phase?

  2. my favourite show would have to be CSI

  3. I usually watch youtube more than TV because while you’re on the computer you can easily keep up with facebook and watch videos at the same time. When your watching the TV you don’t have that many options. Of course youtube doesn’t allow anything over 10 minutes but at least its something you like.

  4. The reason people watch youtube more than tv is because that alot of things on youtube you can watch things that have already happened but you missed or you would like to watch again like a famous goal. People also use youtube for youtube shows like FRED. It might just be a phase but no one is sure

  5. Although youtube videos can’t be over ten minutes. Most youtubers put the the whole show, just in sections. So it is like tv, where the breaks are the adverts. Fred is the best ! 😀 HEEEEY ITS FRED. Haha

  6. People probably watch you tube more than t.v. is because you can watch movies that you like more than once, if you like it so much. Also you can watch movie that aren’t even on t.v. yet.

  7. i Ireally like Kung fu panda because it is really funny and its not boring.

  8. FRED link 😀

  9. I watch Fred and wanted to toss my laptop out the window. He certainly has mastered the voice distortion button. But please. Escapism is one thing but I think your mind has escape you.If he didn’t have such nice hair would you like him?

  10. Only sometimes , In one videos its slow motion and flips his hair and poses , YUM!

  11. OMG ,you-tube waaaaayyy bettterr than tv. Tv plays the same commercials and when a show comes on its probably not the show you wanted to watch … me and kayla .b loves idek (L) best videos on you-tube ever (:
    This is not facebook, Stop the slang/msn code( Mr. Whattam says anymore and this type of post or reply will be deleted)

  12. Youtube is mad better then youtube because if your just watching t.v. you can’t check your messages, talk on msn, and listen to your favourite band all at the same time but what you can do is re-watch some episode you already saw 200 times while you could watch alll the new ones of any show at any time. Over all it’s alot more convieniant

  13. i agree with mr whattam about the fred thing because its so anoying i dont know how anyne could make it threw one of his 5 minute videos and on youtube v.s t.v i have to say youtube just because you dont have to wait for your favourite show to come on you just have to search it ( edit this)

  14. That’s not true ! It can be funny in some parts ;D.

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