Freddy vs. Jason

The plot of this movie is that Freddy brings Jason to life because Freddy was once believed in so he had power to kill people through their dreams but now no one believes in him so he sends Jason out to kill so they will believe.
The characters in this movie and Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.
Freddy is played by Robert Englund, Jason is played by Ken Kirzinger, Lori Campbell is played by Monica Keena, and Will Rollins is played by Jason Ritter.

The acting in the movie was pretty good in some parts it seemed really real like these things were actually happening and other times it was just to hard to believe.

3 reasons you should see this movie is because it’s good quality horror, has good comedy, and makes you think if their are actual things out in the world that actually happen like this movie.


5 responses to “Freddy vs. Jason

  1. Nice review ! This movie sounds good

  2. ive seen the freddy movies but i havent seen this one,
    it sounds pretty good though

  3. Good Job Rachel, I can’t wait to see the movie

  4. goinginsane1305

    Your review is good, but I really think you should work on your editing.

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