H1N1 myths

Hey everyone! While I was home today i was thinking about our immigration myths and the thought came to mind, what are the H1N1 myths doing to affect us?
Firstly I realize that they have made us all a lot more concious about our health and how we are doing daily things. I was watching the news with my grandparents and a segment came on about the large decrese in kids aged 5-14 going out for Halloween. Because everyone is so afraid of contracting H1N1 around 33% of kids 5-14 are not going out for halloween. This is just a small effect of the disease. Has anyone else noticed the effects?? Let me know!


One response to “H1N1 myths

  1. goinginsane1305

    Yes, I have noticed changes. My sister and I were talking about the H1N1 virus the other night and she said that if someone in the school caught the virus, then they would have to shut down the school.


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