cast of twilight

Twilight is a romance filled action flick. Seventeen year old Isabella Swan (Kristen Stewart) falls in love with a Seventeen year old (as of 1918) Vampier Edward Masen Cullen (Robert Pattinson). Bella’s love with Edward turns her world upside down and puts her life in mortal danger because of her scent. A highly skilled tracker named James (Cam Gigandet) makes Bella his new pray for the challenge. James gets close enough to Bella to bite her but Edward save her by sucking the venom out of her system while adding to his resistances to her blood.

Isabella(Bella) Swan – Kristen Stewart

Edward Masen Cullen – Robert Pattinson

Carlisle Cullen – Peter Facinelli

Charlie Swan – Billy Burke

James – Cam Gigandet

The acting was excellent considering the order they did it in. The filming was toughest on Kristen because the first few days of filming they had to d some of the hardest scenes because Cam was filming another movie so Kristen didn’t have a very good feel of her character yet.

I would recommend watching this movie because, there’s action, romance, and comedy (if you’ve read the books), in the sequel five of the characters don’t wear shirts, and because it’s the best movie ever.


2 responses to “Twilight

  1. I loved how you told us he was a vampire and when he was turned, how you gave most of the main characters, and good description of the movie. But one thing, Why is this the best movie ever??

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