Prom Night

The movie that I had watched as Prom Night, its about some crazy person going after a teen girl he used to teach but he became obsessed with her  and he got fired. So he came to find her and got her parents instead of her, and killed them. Three year later he escaped jail and came to find her, the cops that had helped her before had to help her out again because he came after her. She was at her prom and murdered her friends to get to her. He followed her to her house. Donna the main character is played by Brittney Snow. Her boyfriend Bobby is played by Scott Porter. Her friends Claire is played by Jessica Stroup and Lisa is played by Dana Davis, and Michael is played by Kelly Blatz. In the movie the characters are acting really well, and its very believable, Especially by the murderer Johnathon Schaech plays the killer. Three reasons why I think you’d like to watch Prom Night  is because its an amazing movie, its scary, and believable.Prom night poster


One response to “Prom Night

  1. Very good descriptions of the movie and what gradualy happens. I’m actually looking forward to rent this movie and watch it and have my own idea of what it’s about.

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