Movie Review – Saw

Basically, the movie starts of with reporting of murder. The person kills the victims in a different way. He gives the victims a chance to escape but if they don’t do under a time they will die. To escape they have to overcome terribly challenging obstacles. He has saying “People ungrateful for their lives should die”. He kills anyone who’s ungrateful to live. So the focus is on the story is that there 2 guys trapped in public washroom. Ones a doctor who’s the main actor and the other’s man name is Adam. They both start talking to each other as their trapped with their leg chained. They find a cellphone in a random dead guy’s pocket in the middle of the washroom.  The murderer keeps giving them hints by giving phone-calls and telling them what to do. He says to the doctor to kill the Adam to escape but he doesn’t do it. A while later he gets a phone-call that if he doesn’t kill him his daughter and wife will die. The doctor starts panicking, he finds a saw right beside him. He couldn’t cut the chain to his leg so the only option he has is to cut his leg. He cuts his leg and tries to escape but the murderer shows up. He tries to kill them but dies himself getting beat-up by a toilet cover seat by the other man. The doctor leaves with one feet saying he’ll get help for him. Adam was left all alone in the washroom but that’s what he thinks………



Cary Elwes

Danny Glover

Monica Potter

Michael Emerson

Ken Leung

 Tobin Bell

Leigh Whannell


The acting is fantastic. It’s so good you could actually believe it could happen.

Rent and watch at home

There’s a really shocking ending

A Clear Plot

Very Suspensful


3 responses to “Movie Review – Saw

  1. WOW! I’ve seen all of the saw movies and some of them are really boring i thought that about this one, then the way you wrote about it, i was like “OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!”

  2. This is the only “Saw” movie I’ve ever seen. Is it the best in the “Saw” series? Watching this one makes me wonder if the other “Saw” will be just as good as this one.

    • No. Personally I think that saw 5 is one of the best but the way they made the killing devices it looks so FAKE!. In the one you reviewed they get a saw smoke tape recorder and poisoned blood. To me that’s a good way to kill someone but in 4 or 5 they have a guys head in a box and in just drowns him if you ask me that’s just very un-useful i just think that the one you watched was the best out of all 6

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