Fahim’s movie Review (Kung Fu Panda)

Kung fu panda.

The movie that i watched was kung fu panda in the movie po the panda wasn’t getting along with the Dragon Warrior so they fought but every time Po the panda hurt him the Dragon Warrior would always come back and back so they kept on fighting but the dragon warrior just wouldn’t give up. Some of the characters in the movie are Jack Black who plays Po the panda,Dustin H0ffman who plays Master Shifu who is the student of Oogway ,Tara Strong who plays Master Tigress she is the strongest and boldest out of the furious five,Dan Fogler who plays the Goose he is suppose to double the guards ,Randall Duk Kim who plays Master Oogway, Jackee  chan and Jaycee chan who plays Master Monkey,Seth Rogen and Max Koch(young)he is the strongest of the furious five to his size.THE END BY:FAHIM


6 responses to “Fahim’s movie Review (Kung Fu Panda)

  1. Nice review but I think the summary could be more descriptive. I’ve is seen the movie in theaters, it was pretty funny. I would recommend it to anyone who like animated comedy films.

  2. Thanks for reminding me how movie starts off, I guess i’ll watch it again!

  3. sorry to criticize your review but there is no periods so it was one big sentence my breath was completely exhausted when i finished

  4. Angalina Jolie plays the role of Tigress. And I agree withe everyone who commented, its not that despripted.

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