Movie Review Ethan Mckellar 87

CellularThe plot of the movie Cellular is that Jessica Martin gets kidnapped. When she is put into an attic there is a phone on a pole, but the person who kidnapped her (Ethan,Dirty cop,LAPD,Portrayed by Jason Statham) smashes the phone with a sledgehammer. As he leaves Jessica tries to make a call from the broken phone by attaching wires and tapping wires together. Finally she gets ahold of a man named Ryan, He does not believe that she has been kidnapped but as she starts to explain he starts to believe her. When Ethan and his gang of dirty cops kidnaps Jessica’s son. And that is when Ryan uses his full potential to try and save Jessica and her family.

Actors/Actresses:Kim Basinger-Jessica Martin,  Chris Evans-Ryan, Jason Statham-Ethan, Eric Christian Olsen-Chad, Matt McColm-Deason, Noah Emmerich-Jack Tanner, William H. Macy-Mooney.

The acting in this movie was unbelievable, I could not take my eyes off of  the screen although i have seen this movie about 100 times, it gets better every time.

You should buy this movie because the acting combination of Chris Evans and Kim Basinger when they are on the phone is incredible. The Scene near the end, there is a shoot out and the way the camera switches from scene to scene so fast it makes the movie look very intense. The action in this movie is very suspenseful that is why this movie is awesome!


2 responses to “Movie Review Ethan Mckellar 87

  1. That sounds awsome Ethan !!! =) I wanna see it now lol =)

  2. its not my kind of movie,
    but it sounds pretty good anyways.

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