Death Race

Plot: Jensen Ames goes to jail for killing his wife, witch he got framed for. His only way to get free, is by competing in a the most popular sport ever, Death Race. Contestants half to kill people and cross the finish line to win the race. He is taking the place of Frankinstine, the most popular racer in death race, who got killed on his 5th race. To be free from jail you need to win 5 races. All he has to do is win one more race, and then he will be free.

Jensen Ames ———- Jason Statham
Mennessey ———- Joan Allen
Machine Gun Joe ——— Tyrese Gibson
Coach ———- Ian Mcshane
Case ———— Natalie Martinez 

Acting: I think that their acting was very good and very believeable.

Should We Go Or Not?: If you like acting, killing, racing, and watching peoples heads get chopped off, Then i think this would be a great movie to watch. They have a lot of action, and shooting at each other.


2 responses to “Death Race

  1. Awsome review Alicia i give it a A+ = ).

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