Basketball is better than hockey…

Who agrees Basketball is better than Hockey?


10 responses to “Basketball is better than hockey…

  1. No touseef no one agrees. Neither are better, it depends on who you ask. I for one find Hockey a much more entertaining sport!

  2. All I’m asking who likes basketball better than hockey.

  3. Sports boring ! so NONE mwuahahah

  4. Out of the two i would have to say i prefer………….. hokey but if i could chose any sport it would have to be dancing. Dance is way more of a sport than hokey or basketball.

  5. I would say that I would perfer hockey to be a better sport because, its more entertaining than basket ball. I mean all the NBA starts do is dribble a ball around, but in Hockey theres fights,witch is probably more interesting to me than anything else in the whole game. But some sports are boring like Football, but I think that if you think its boring, you really haven’t tried to enjoy it.

  6. Basketball isn’t all about dribbling a ball. There’s more to it.

  7. And if you like fights watch UFC.

  8. I do watch the UFC but only when my favourite figters are fighting that night. And I think basketball is dribbiling the ball and yes, there is more to it but I gues I just find it like that.

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