Child Labour Militaristic Solution

I get the feeling that many people in the class are gonna dislike what im about to say but i have to say it. We know America is like the strongest military power so why couldn’t they use it to help people for once. Instead of attacking what used to be innocent people in the middle east. Child labour needs to be stopped so in a few decisive and stratigic moves America and Canada could well how should I put this um…… take out the powers behind child labour like Nike and just go into the countries with child labour and stop it. I know you think I’m an insensitive moron now but who said they would use actual bullets they could use tranqs to just you know k.o. em. If you ask me that would end child labour and save countless lives. We would save the children forced into labour quickly instead of the excruciatingly slow peaceful way. So I guess there and I mean very few times when an actual fight is the solution. If you don’t believe that America can do what i say then just solution. if you don’t believe that America can do what i say then just check this.


One response to “Child Labour Militaristic Solution

  1. I agree that child labour should be stopped just because it isn’t right for kids to be working. And I know that America can stop it but I don’t think they want to waste their money.

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