Should we worry about obesity?

       I belive that we should worry about obesity around the world because, there is so many fast food places. There are so many of them that you can find one on almost every corner. These places cook their food in so much grease and other things that 1 meal can contain almost over 1000 calories. I also think that we should worry about obesity around the world because, in most devloping nations the obesity rate is higher than the hunger rate. World wide more than 1.3 billion people are overweight, and only 800 million are underweight. Being overweight can cause type 2 diabetes, this diabetes can kill you.  I think that everyone should worry about obesity because, the rate is growing everywhere around the world.  One example is this: In Mexico fewer than 10% of them were overweight, and in 2006 it went up to 69%. And this is only in Mexico.  Over one third of America’s population is obese and America takes up 23% of the WORLDS obesity population. With all of this stuff being said I think that we should worry about obesity.

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2 responses to “Should we worry about obesity?

  1. Obesity has been an epidemic for as long as i can remember. If they really cared would the president at least make an effort to just stop. I think I should but does the society know or care? what they should do is try to get people aware of this

  2. i would have to say, the president does make an effort and try to stop it, if you would watch the news it explains what they do to obesity people, because they cant just have everyone obese.
    The more fat you get, the lazier you get, you would just be at home eating, and that’s not a really good sign.

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