Books, Books, Books

Blog about your favourite book, class reading, or anything else you have been reading


3 responses to “Books, Books, Books

  1. jessica freestone

    I would have to say my favourite book would be twilight because, when you read the book, it doesn’t feel like your just reading it, its more like your in the book.
    & when you read it, you just want to keep reading till the end, and its very entertaining.

  2. I liked the movie better than the book personally Jess. I found the book really boring, I couldn’t even finish the book, it was too boring. But when I seen the movie, i like fell in love with it.

  3. jessica freestone

    yeah, well everyone has there own opinion, and that’s fine
    & i thought the movie was good too, but it didn’t give enough details like the book does.

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